Set of toilet paper machines “Automatic”

Machines set include:

1. Automatic machine for toilet tissue rewinding.

Types of rewinders:

  • stopping (capacity up to 16 t/day)
  • NON-STOP (capacity is 23-25 t/day)

2. Automatic logs wrapping machine

Automatic machine for logs by labels wrapping.

Speed is up to 17 log/min;

3. Automatic logs accumulator

Machine for collection, temporary storage and drying of logs of toilet paper.

Log diameter: 90…150 mm;

4. Automatic toilet paper log saw.

Machine orbital type for cutting logs rolls of a specified length.

  •  speed is up to 170 cut/min, in 2-4 lines;
  •  logs diameter is up to 300 mm;

5. Automatic toilet rolls packing machine.

Formation and feed of group rolls to bag (semi-automatic packing) or wrapping this group by film (full automatic packing).

6. Automatic cardboard core winding machine.

  •  diameter: 20…90 mm;
  •  wall thickness: 0.5…2 mm;